Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Find these coupons in the Acme® Coupon Booklet

Yesterday I went to Acme®  to pick up my free milk (received a coupon for buying General Mills cereals last week). Along with the free milk, I got a 1lb pack of New York Strip steak, a 1lb bag of shrimp, and 2 frozen packaged fish fillets for $14! Besides the milk coupon, I had 2 in-store coupons for the steak and the shrimp. Without the coupons I would have paid $22! Not too bad for what I got.

While I was there, I found another coupon booklet with the following manufacturer's coupons. There are stacks of them (sometimes there at the front doors and sometimes they are by the registers). Most of these are manufacturer's coupons so you can use them at any store, unless specified. Pick up a few copies in time to make your Memorial Day holiday purchases.

$1 off any (1) Kingsford Charcoal product.
$1 off any (2) packages of Johnsonville Sausage. (ACME® coupon)
$2 off (2) or more packages of Lancaster Brand ground beef (1 lb) or more. (ACME®  coupon)
$3 off $15 or more of Stockman & Dakota Premium Angus beef.
$1.25 off any (3) Wish-Bone salad dressings.
$1 off any (2) Vlasic products
$1 off any (2) 10 oz. or larger Snyder's of Hanover Flavored Sourdough pretzel pieces.
$1 off (2) Hormel Pepperoni packs.
$1 off (1) bag of Tyson Any'tizers wings.
$1 off any (2) Dannon Light & Fit 4pk, Danimals Drink 6pk, Danimals Double Crush Cup 4pk, and Danimals Coolision 6pk.
$2 off (2) 20 or 24-pack Coca-Cola products.
$1 off (2) packages of Truvia natural sweetener.
$1 off (2) or mor eSuper Chill Seltzer Water, Tonic Water, Club Soda, Ready to Drink Teas and Lemonades, 2 liter or larger and multipacks. (ACME® coupon)
Free 32 fl oz. POWERADE ZERO with  purchase of any (5) 32 fl oz. POWERADE ION4.
Free 20 fl oz. bottles of vitamin water zero glow or drive with the purchase of any (5) vitaminwater.
$2 off any (2) 12-packs of Coca-Colas products (excludes Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero).
$1 on (2) packets of Chinet Classic White or Casuals platters (15ct. or higher).
$1 off (1) package of Viva towels (6 pack).
$1 any (2) Dixie or Dixie Ultra plates or bowls.
$2 off homelife purchase of $10 or more. (ACME ® coupon)
$1 off (2) or more equaline body lotions, moisturizers, and facial cleansing products. (ACME®  coupon)
$1 off any (2) Wet Ones wipes, products, canisters or singles.
$1 off any (1) Schick Razor or Refill.
$1 off any (1) Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport Tampons.
$1 of any (1) Banana Boat Sunscreen Item 3 oz. or larger.
$4 off (2) Coopertone Continuous Spray Suncare items.
$1 off any Nature Made product.

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