Saturday, June 25, 2011

Write to Companies for Coupons

Writing to companies of your favorite brands is a great way to receive high-value manufacturer's coupons. You may even get a coupon for a free item. For example, Pictsweet frozen vegetables sent me (5) coupons for free bags of vegetables. You can't get any better than that. And they were good for almost a year. I made sure I put them to good use.

When you write to the company keep it brief and refrain from using obscenities. In the email, let them know if you were unhappy with their product and be specific. And don't forget, you can write to them to provide a compliment too. In fact, that's what I prefer to do.

For help with coming up ideas on who to write to and what possible items they may send, Couponing to Disney posts a helpful feature called "5 a Day" which features 5 companies everyday that Kristin (the owner of the blog) emails in hopes of receiving discounts. She also posts the results of what she gets. I plan on posting this once a week.

Thanks Couponing to Disney for this awesome, helpful feature!

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