Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free groceries at Acme® !

Score free groceries at Acme®  by purchasing $100 in gift cards. For each $100 you spend you will receive a $10 catalina (a coupon that prints at the register) toward $10 at Acme® . You can spend up to $500. That's $50 in free groceries!  Keep in mind that Visa cards require an activation fee.

Take advantage of this deal and use the gift cards for gifts, buying your gas, or buying your fall wardrobe (they usually have JC Penney®, Sears® , Kohl's® , etc.) I find it best to get cards for things I was going to buy anyway. Last time they had this deal I needed to get my hair cut and highlighted. My hairdresser is at JC Penney's®  so I got a $100 gift card and ended up with the $10 gift card good at Acme® .

I purchase most of my meats at Acme®  so that's like getting free New York Strip Steak, Pork Loin, fresh fish, and more! Not a bad deal! Use it for whatever you need.

Since Acme's®  ad runs a little different than other stores so get there by Thursday, September 15th when the sale ends.

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