Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hormel Party Tray Coupons and More!

Ok, I know I've said it for quite a few of my recent posts, "Holiday Meal Planning" coupons, but you better get use to it! I can see this going on for quite a while with all the awesome coupons that companies are smart enough to dangle in our faces so that we'll make their brand part of our holidays. 
And it's not that bad right? I mean who doesn't want to save money? Check out the latest that I've found. The first one for the Hormel Party Tray makes for an inexpensive appetizer of crackers, cheese, and pepperoni. From what I am hearing on other couponing blogs, with the coupon you should be able to get the tray for around $1.98 at WalMart®. It's usually $4.98! Enjoy!
Party Trays

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