Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Find Coupons

The Mom's Club that I belong to has recently started a couponing group and I led a discussion about where to find coupons. Here are the details I presented. They range from the obvious to places that may have never crossed your mind. 

  • Newspaper - This one sounds obvious but I wanted to touch on it to remind you that coupon inserts are not published during major holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Also, you can review the Sunday Coupon Preview blog to find out what coupon inserts will be in the paper on a specific date and what coupons will be included. This way you can judge whether it's worth your money to buy the paper. To save a little extra money, take note that most Dollar Trees sell the paper for $1. 
  • On products - hang tangs, wine tags, peelies - Be sure to inspect each product that you put in your cart for a coupon. They can be found on the packaging itself as a "peelie" or on the neck of a bottle like salad dressing. These are known as "hang tags."
  • In-store - Many retail stores have coupons right in the store to attract your attention and get you buy their product instead of their competitor. They can either be found right above the product or in booklets published by the store like at Walgreens (in the front of the store) or occasionally at ShopRite at the Customer Service Desk. And don't limit yourself when looking!  Acme sometimes has coupons off a meat laying on top of the seafood counter (I once found a coupon for $5 off any $25 Lancaster Brand purchase). A friend of mine also mentioned some stores have coupon swaps so be on the look out for that as well.
  • All You Magazine - This is an awesome magazine known for the high number, high value coupons that are published in it every month. It also has many useful tips, entertaining tidbits, and great recipes all written in a short, easy-to-read format. It can purchased only at WalMart or by subscription.
  • Writing letters or emails to companies. Companies love direct feedback from their customers and taking the time to compliment them or provide constructive criticism can often get you a high value coupon or something for free!
  • Coupon Clipping Services - There are many of these sites popping up all the time that all you to go on to their site, view what coupons are available and place an order. They are usually low priced at around .10 or .15 cents and you can are available for multiple purchases. Take note though, that they often have a minimum purchase of $4 or $5. I still find this to be beneficial though because I get duplicates of a coupon I know I am going to use (like Pampers let's say) and I still save a ton of money even after I've paid the clipping service. You can find these services at sites like: The Coupon Clippers, and The Coupon Master. Hot Coupon World also has a long list of services that they recommend. When ordering from these sites just make sure you allow yourself enough time to receive the coupons if you are planning on using them for an upcoming sale. They usually come pretty quickly.
  • Coupon Trains- Coupon Trains allow you to sign up with a train that is already organized. You'll receive coupons in an envelope through the mail. You take what you want then replace them with coupons you do not need. So, if you take 10 coupons make sure you add 10 new ones. Then you mail it on to the next person on the Coupon Train list. Sign up for a Coupon Train on Stockpiling Mom's blog.
  • Coupon Trading- Can be done online by simply scanning the list of what others have to offer and then posting coupons that you have available. Stockpiling Mom's does this as well.
  • Online of course! Check my Couponing page for links to Smart Source,, and Upromise® . Manufacturer's websites and store's websites (Target® ) are great for finding coupons as well.
  • Download to your mobile phone
  • Download to your savings cards,,
  • Subscribe to Couponing blogs such as Couponing4adifference,,,
  • Purchase from eBay - it's true what they say - you really can buy anything on eBay! Do a generic search for coupons and more than likely you will find results for a 'lot' of coupons which can include 50 to 100 random different coupons. Or you can enter a specific search for something like "Tropicana Orange Juice." You may see results for a quantity of 20 of the same coupon. This is helpful if you buy large quantities of something or if a coupon in hard to find. Surprisingly the prices are cheap and often you can use the "Buy Now" option to get them quicker.
  • Catalina's - Catalina's come out of the cash register mainly at supermarkets after you complete your grocery order. They are based on your purchasing habits and are normally products that you would be interested in.
  • Phone books and entertainment books - Believe it or not phone books are good sources for local coupons as are entertainment books. If you frequent a town more often than the town you live in or are going on vacation why not consider buying the entertainment book for that town?
  • Travel Centers - when you go on vacation make sure you stop at a the tourist travel center for coupons on activities, events, restaurants, and local retailers.

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