Saturday, January 21, 2012

Returning to Couponing

Good afternoon! Well it's getting late in the month of January and I just realized I need to get into action with my couponing and my blog. I was overwhelmed with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so I took a little break. Between chasing my extremely active 15 month old, Christmas shopping, and partaking in many joyous Christmas activities I just couldn't keep up!

I am happy to say that through all the busyness it was a great holiday. My husband was home with me the week between Christmas and New Year's and we enjoyed our time together. Plus it was the best to watch my son, Dante, catch on to how to open presents! He got really good at it!

Well now it's back to business. I have a few short term goals including adding many coupons and deals as posts. Plus I plan on creating the content for the new page "Coupon Terminology," and "Coupons." On the lower right side of the page I currently have a title "Blog Favs" with my one favorite, Couponing to Disney. I'd like to add more to that as well because I've stumbled across numerous couponing blogs that I want to share with you. They are really worth a visit!

Looking forward to couponing with you during 2012!

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