Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Print Coupons to Help Charity

Just a reminder that this site was created to help others who are in need of food. I find good deals that make items extremely cheap or completely free to donate to my church's food bank. My other goal is to eventually earn money through the site to donate to the Food Bank of South Jersey. This has yet to come to fruition. At this point I've been donating money out of pocket.

How can you help? Simply visit this site then click on the coupon box on the right side of the page labeled "Print Free Coupons." This will take you to a site with pages of free coupons. It's completely free of charge for you plus the more coupons printed and the more visitors that go through my site, the more money is generated, 10% of which will be donated. How could you go wrong?

Keep in mind that you can only print each coupon twice (that the website's limitation not mine!) and each coupon has been set to print so many times. Once it reaches that limit it will disappear. If you see something you really like make sure you print it right away so you don't miss out.

Happy printing!

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