Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Bags for 18 Month Olds

I posted this a while back but since I have a love for toddler busy bags I thought I'd post it again. Dante is now 4 months older than the first post (22 months) and I think I am going to have to create new busy bags to keep him entertained! Enjoy

Many of the Mommy and Couponing blogs are chock full of suggestions on how to keep your kids busy. One of my favorite things that I fell upon were Busy Bags. What's that you ask? Well just as it sounds - they are plastic bags filled with activities to keep your little one busy. Most bloggers will specify the age range and some will include homemade items while others find captivating toys or gadgets at the Dollar Store. I plan on creating bags incorporating both ideas.

I am becoming obsessed with these spending my lunch hours scouring the net for more ideas and spending my nights putting some of them together. So far Dante loves them! Not only are they good to occupy while at home, I plan to take them to doctor's visits and when we travel. He needs something to focus on and these are perfect!

Here are some of my favs from various bloggers:
Cupcake Busy Bag - this one allows your little one to make their cupcake out of felt. It was fun creating this one although I can't say that I was able to cut out the pieces as nicely as Money Saving Mom®   did! I found this on her site. It was created by JoyfromFiveJs.com Here is the pattern and directions they so nicely shared! Thanks ladies!

PomPom Stuff It In - so far, Dante's favorite hands down! I was amazed that even his active little self sat still for about 20 minutes doing this. You basically just get a plastic container cut an "X" in it so that there is an opening and allow your child to stuff pompoms in it. They'll do it over and over and may even be entertained by taking off the plastic lid and putting that back on. Check out the pics on Second Story Window where I found the inspiration for this.

Building with Sponge Blocks - this one is nice and easy. You just need colorful sponges cut up into strips. I found mine at the Dollar Store and bought them for this specific reason. They can be used for Dante to build things. Then he can destroy that and start something else! It's easy and cheap! Love it! 

Pipe Cleaner Toy - I took the contained from Dante's favorite Gerber puffs and poked holes in the lid. Next I used hole reinforcers and colored each one a different color (red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange). Then I gave Dante pipe cleaners in the same colors for him to poke through the match hole. He's a little young for that concept but he is still having fun poking them through the holes. Thanks to the Grow blog for this one!

Here's a few more I plan on creating when I get the time: 

Unsolicited Advice has more Busy Bag ideas which include activities for all age groups. And here are some more ideas from Planet of the Apels. I love her pics! You could also try My Delicious Ambiguity for Busy Bag ideas that do not require making anything.

Thinking about doing a Busy Bag swap? I wouldn't mind myself. I am thinking about it! Second Story Window has suggestions on how to go about it.

Thank you to all these hard working ladies for sharing these awesome ideas! Enjoy! 

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