Friday, July 20, 2012

Save Big with Beer Rebates

Beer Rebates
Beer Rebate Form
About a year ago I was doing my daily routine of sipping coffee at my desk while browsing one of my favorite blogs, Couponing to Disney. That's where I discovered one of the best kept couponing secrets of all times! Beer rebates! Funny thing is, I don't even drink beer! That's ok though, if you are fortunate enough to live in a state that can not require you to buy alcoholic beverages to get a rebate you can score big! And since I am in NJ I fall into that category. There are many others states that do as well.

Here's the deal: most beer rebates will say something like "Buy our beer and insert another item here and you'll get a $10 rebate." You buy that other item and you basically get it for free.

$25 Check Received!
Here's an example of one of my favorites: "Get up to $25 off by mail with the purchase of at least $100 worth of groceries and two 12-packs of Amstel Light®." Since I am in Jersey they can't require me to buy the beer (see, there can be perks to living in Jersey!) and just like the rest of you I can rack up $100 of groceries in about 2 minutes! With this rebate that was like getting $25 worth of groceries for free!  

Buy the groceries I need to buy anyway (keep in mind that these rebates can be good for things other than just groceries. I've seen some for ice, salty snacks, charcoal, and even towards bbq grills!)
Send in the receipt with the rebate form (take special care to follow ALL terms and conditions or you may not get your rebate!)
Check the mailbox 8-10 weeks later for your check (rebates usually show up sooner than that).
Use for anything you want! (I usually deposit my check right into our bank account to save a little extra cash).

One Downfall:
The one and only problem with living in Jersey and getting rebates is that the rebate forms are pretty much impossible to find in store and I am sure that's the case for other states as well. So how can you go about getting these rebates you ask? Here are a few ways:
1) Ask relatives in other states to send them to you.
2) Purchase them from eBay® (that's how I do it!) Ok, I know what you are thinking - you have to buy them on eBay but that's ok! You still make a profit. I purchased one for $3.99 and since I was getting $25 back I still made $21.01!
3) Visit forums in to trade beer rebates with other couponers.

Current Beer Rebates on eBay:      
Amstel Light Beer® $25 rebate wyb $100 grocery food purchase
Heineken® $15 beer rebate water, sode, ice
$10 Heineken® NBPR beer REBATE off any MEAT & or SEAFOOD beef pork steak

Additional eBay® Beer Rebate listings:


  1. What do you put in the spot that ask what retailer you got them at? I got some on eBay and I'm not sure what to put

  2. Hi Momof4! I usually just leave it blank and I've never had a problem. I've also gotten my rebate.

    Thanks for stopping by Couponing 4 a Difference. I'll hope you'll keep in touch.