Monday, August 13, 2012

Finally swingin'

It was March when we bundled up in coats with scarves up to our noses to pick out our son, Dante's, swing set. We figured we'll order this early so we can have it by early spring and Dante can be swinging all summer long. 

It wasn't until early August that it was finally in place and ready to use. What took so long you ask? Well we're busy but not that busy! It took almost two months just to get the correct set (my husband Nick had to go three different times and the owner had to make a three hour trip to New York to the warehouse to get it right!) My husband was skeptical since it was in the wrong box. He knew for sure something would be wrong and darn if he wasn't right! There were several pieces of hardware that would have amounted to around $25 if he hadn't worked with the company to get them. After all that, my husband was finally able to put it together (which took quite a while - there were a lot of pieces!) 

Here's a picture of the finally completed project. Dante likes the swing. Mommy likes to go down the slide. LOL. Great job Nick!

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