Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Got My Free Salad at Saladworks®

So today as I wrestled with myself over the fact that I didn't want to make my lunch but didn't really want to spend the money on a random work day to eat out (I really only like to spend money on lunch when it's a social outing!) I realized something - hey I am owed a free salad at Saladworks®!

How could that be you ask? Well last year around this time in September they started a customer rewards program which in my opinion isn't very well advertised. It's the typical fill out your basic information online, get a Fresh Fan Card and hand it in to the cashier with every purchase. You'll get points for every food purchase which can earn you free food or beverages. 

The cool part is that you can sign up for the program for free and get 500 points immediately. During your birthday you'll get 1,000 points. This is how I got my free salad! I signed up a few months ago and then had a birthday giving me a total of 1,500 points which was enough to get my salad and roll for free. That was almost $8! And I have enough for almost another salad! Just 100 more points to go.

Rewards include: 
200 points = free brownie, cookie or extra salad toppings
400 points = free beverage
500 points = free soup
800 points = free panini or wrap
1,000 points = free Fusion sandwich or salad
1,200 points = free combo meal

To register to earn free food, sign up for the Fresh Fan Club.

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