Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Future Dante..

Many people look at me funny when I tell them that I write letters and cards to my 2 year old son, Dante, regularly.  It's that "Why would you do that? He can't read" look. While this is true I am really not writing to the "2 year old Dante." I am writing more to the "22 year old Dante" and the "32 year old Dante" and so on. 

I am an extremely sentimental person and when my son grows up I don't want him to just know how I feel about him at that time, I want him to know how I was feeling while I was raising him. He won't remember the times as a little toddler and my hope is that these letters will help him get a feel for just how much he was and always will be wanted around here. 

You can try it with your kids or any relative too! Consider writing a postcard while on your family vacation, a random note on some random Tuesday, or a birthday or Christmas card. It will give them something to cherish for decades to come. Include a quote that is meaningful to you, a picture that they drew and comment on it, song lyrics or just something from your heart.

Here's a sample of what I wrote to my precious baby boy on his recent 2nd birthday: 

Dear Dante, 

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet boy! Mommy is so happy that you were given to us! Your gorgeous smile just brightens my day.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday party at Lake Kandle. All our family and friends were there. Everyone just loves you (specially mommy and daddy!)

Since the lake closes on Labor Day we had your party early which was great for you! We celebrated all over again on your actual birthday. I could celebrate you EVERY day! In fact, I do! 

I love you my little blessing! You are the best! 

God bless!
Love mommy

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