Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day 2012 Freebies

Companies are taking advantage of Election Day by marketing freebies to Americans. After you've waited in the voting line to exercise your voting rights why not enjoy a freebie or two?

Free Starbucks® tall coffee for voting! Voters could get a free tall coffee on election day to anyone who asks. I found this information on the Starbuck's®  blog as opposed to their official website so I would recommend printing this or having it available on your SmartPhone for the Barista to check out just in case....enjoy!

Free flight out of the country on Jet Blue Airlines for those whose candidate lost on election day! Cast your vote and 1,006 people whose candidate lost the election will be chosen as winners for a trip out of the country to select Caribbean islands.

Free sweet potato fries from White Castle on Election Day. Simply make a purchase and wear a "I Voted" sticker or get a coupon off of the White Castle Facebook page after casting your vote for your favorite fries (sweet potato or crinkle cut?) and 'liking' them. 

Free bagel at Einstein Bagels® - Visit their stores on November 6 with your  "I voted" sticker to get a free bagel and schmear.


  1. That link for Starbucks is from 2008. I looked around on the web and they aren't giving coffee this year - they have a nice patriotic bracelet they are giving away. FYI