Thursday, November 1, 2012

Repurpose Your Halloween Candy

Whether your town has participated in trick-or-treating already or the day is coming due to Hurricane Sandy, chances are you going to end up with an access of candy. What to do with it all? Here are a few suggestions:

All You Magazine created an article on using your leftover Halloween candy in dessert recipes. Find it here: Candy Dessert Recipes for Your Leftover Halloween Candy.

Here's another suggestion I found on Hip2Save. Love this idea! Ask the kids to pick out their favorite pieces of candy and then have them leave the rest outside of their room. The "candy fairy" comes while they are sleeping, takes the candy, and leaves a toy in it's place. Take the candy and donate it. Hip2Save also suggested saving the candy for Gingerbread house decorating and for birthday party pinatas. Thanks Hip2Save!

Participate in Operation Gratitude, a program where participating dentists accept candy and donate it to the Army National Guard (along with toothbrushes!)

Any other ideas? What do you with your kid's Halloween candy?

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  1. I save some in the freezer and have my kids use it for Ginger Bread Houses :) My friend Healthy Fit Girl told me to do that. I'm not that savvy.