Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spruce Up Your Family Photos With Bows

I'll confess. I am a crafty wannabe. When I peruse Pinterest my chin just drops. I am just in awe of the awesome things I see on there. I fantasize about being able to concoct those creations and then reality hits me. I am me. And I have a few good ideas in me but nothing to their caliber. 

Here's one of those quick, easy things I did come up with it. I am quite pleased with it. It adds a little something to my family photos and adds a little bit of color to our white wall, all while being super easy to match my crafty deficiency.

First, I purchased 2" ribbon from the craft store to match my country decor. We have a lot of plaids and country floral designs so this went nicely. 

Next came the two bows. They are nothing fancy just a mere bow like you make when you tie your shoes. It would look just as nice if you made a fancy bow if you have it in you but for me this was fine. Here is a tutorial from Clever Nesting if you would prefer making a fancy bow.

Then I cut a 42" long ribbon and placed it up against the wall. The first bow went on top and was adhered with a push pin with the heads on the top (they are really thin). I placed it on the knot part of the bow in the middle so that it wouldn't be seen. That same pin went through the 42" ribbon and through the wall. I then hung my picture under the first bow. Next, I repeated the same step for the second bow and hung the second picture. 

Viola! I am not sure which I like better. The bow accent or the pics of my little cutie?

If you really wanted to you could present this as a holiday gift by gluing the ribbon to the picture frames. Enjoy!

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