Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for the Little Things

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I've been reflecting on what I am thankful for and I tell you, it is a long list! I have been blessed and have so much to be grateful for. Family, friends, a loving husband, a gorgeous son, my health, financial blessings, a good job, world travel (I saw a rainbow in Ireland, ate Swiss Fondue in Switzerland, sampled the best pizzas in Italy). 

But you know what struck me as I was watching a video on JCTV (a Christian television station)? The little things. Sounds like a cliche I know but let me explain. 

This video came on and the guy glumly sat on the edge of his bed at night with his shoulders drooped. He said, "Lord, I am really struggling. Please show me what I even have to be thankful for." Then he went to bed. The next morning he got up and MOVED. Then he took a shower in WARM RUNNING WATER. Next he went to the kitchen to prepare his MEAL. He went to WORK in his CAR and then came back HOME again to prepare his DINNER. After enjoying all this things he went to bed again only to repeat the same prayer, "Lord, I am really struggling. Please show me what I even have to be thankful for." That really struck me.

See, often times while we try to obtain better things and have more pleasures in life, we look right over all the little pleasures and luxurious we already have. Did you see all the things above that I put in CAPS? They are the things I am referring to. How fortunate we are that we can move and how different things would be if we couldn't. We're blessed to have water in our homes and not have to go for miles to get some or perhaps go without it completely. I can honestly say I've never gone hungry. And I am so thankful for that. I must remind myself daily to be appreciative of all these things that can easily get taken for granted.

Tomorrow as we sit down to our Thanksgiving feast (a blessing in itself!) I am going to appreciate every move I make, every thing I lay my eyes on (I am after all I am fortunate to have my sight!), I'll try and soak in the aroma of the tasty food being made and I will just relish in the time I have with my loved ones (specially my pokie - a.k.a my son, Dante). He is really one of my biggest blessings and it's all I really need. 

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