Friday, December 14, 2012

A New Holiday Tradition: Keep Grandmom's Memory Alive

My grandmother Jones was like a second mother to me. She watched me until I went to Kindergarten while my mother worked a full-time job. We had many outings together, her and her "girlfriend" as she called me. We'd go to Philly on the Patco Speedline and have lunch at the Gallery. Corn dogs were my favorite! A few times we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show, a tradition I still enjoy today. Then there were the times we'd just clown around playing Old Maid with cards or dress up with her jewelry.

When she passed away almost two years ago this January 3rd I was pretty devastated. I couldn't believe she was gone. What got me worse was that one of my best friends in the world had only met my gorgeous son one time. Dante was only a few months old when she passed and he literally only met her once. Since she was in a Assisted Living Facility the doctor thought it might be best for him to have his 3 month shots before taking him there. I  took him right after he had them and that was the only time they met. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled they met at all, I am just saddened that there will never be a relationship between the two.

Last Christmas, being the first Christmas she wasn't there, I decided to start a tradition to keep her with us during the holidays. I bought a pretty stocking known as "Grand mom's" and I used the fronts of old greeting cards to write down random memories of her. From now on each Christmas I'll pull out the stocking, read the previous year's cards and write down a few more. It's the perfect way to keep her alive in our hearts. 

Her is an example of a card that I wrote: 
Grand mom had a love for travel that I believe she instilled in me. She often took fancy cruises and trips to Vegas - always with Aunt Ruth of course! The two had a ball staying up all night, ordering room services and taking in a few shows. She always had a nice gift for us when she came back. I fond of the watch she brought from Bermuda - I was little and it made me feel like a grown up! (funny how now that I am a grown up I'd love to feel like a kid again!) 

I also included a card that has random things that remind me of her: the color blue, bingo, travel,  Tresor perfume, etc.

I have so many fond memories of her. I wonder which ones I'll write down this year?


  1. Great post about "New Holiday Tradition" I got so happy after read this Post.... :)

  2. So glad to hear it! It makes me happy every time I look at the stocking. I plan on adding this year's memory in the next few days and I'll post it. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.