Friday, January 18, 2013

Product of Pinterest: Decoarating a Ceramic Plate

I love it when I see things on Pinterest and then see them come to life (great job to my friend and boss, Deb, who successfully braided her pretty scarf after pinning how to do it on Pinterest!)

 I love it even more when I pin cool things and bring them to life. I have tons and tons of pins (particularly recipes - figures!) and I am determined to create them not just pin them and leave them on a board to be forgotten. As I complete projects I'll make sure I post them. 

Here's my recent accomplishment - decorating a white ceramic plate. I first saw this on Pinterest from two different sites: Brookyln Limestone, who made a Halloween plate with mostly text (nice handwriting!) and Untrendy Life (previously Show Tell Share) who made a plate of flowers. 

To get started I purchased "Craft Smart Paint Pens" at my local craft store. They have various packages with various colors but these seemed appropriate for this project. I plan on buying different sets so I can do more! 

Since using the pens would be permanent (bad for mistakes!) I sketched out my design using a pencil. When I made a mistake I could either erase it with the pencil eraser or simply wipe it away with a tissue. That did leave a little black residue but if you work it a bit it does go away. Then I went ahead a used my color markers until I was happy with my design. 

I let it dry for 24 hours then put it in the oven right on the rack at 350 degrees. All done! Now I can use it to serve dessert, salad, or simply put candy on it and leave it on the counter. I will probably make 3 more so that I have a set but won't make the exact design I'll just stick with the flowers and change it up a bit. 

If you try it make sure you send me a picture or a link so we can see what you've created. The possibilities are endless. Pasta bowls, ceramic mugs, full size dishes. And it doesn't have to be white. You could seek out a cream dish if you prefer.

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