Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simple Toddler Activity for Busy Nights

When I come home from work I am pooped! Not because I have a particularly draining job. I really like my job. But like the rest of us I never get a good night sleep, I get up early and spend a good part of my day squeezing in all the things that need to be done: paying bills, picking up groceries, bank runs, dinner.

By the time evening roles around I am exhausted and I usually end up feeling guilty because my two year, Dante, needs attention and I have little energy to run around in circles with him. So, I decided that I need to come up with low key activities that will intrigue him but won't drain me. From time to time I'll post what we did so you have some ideas too if you have a little one.

Disclaimer: You will not see any of those fancy things that you see on Pinterest. There will be no elaborate fort building or ten-step advanced art student-like crafts. (I love those and respect those that do it I just don't have the talent!) What you will see when I make the post is just fun, simple activities from one tired mom to the next. 

So what did we do tonight? We hid stuffed animals. Dante loved this activity. I took four of his smaller "friends" and hid them so they were poking out from under my dresser, sticking out from in between a pile of fluffy pillows, wedge in between the fold in his bean bag, and peering out from a slightly cracked closet. I turned off the lights, gave him a flashlight, and told him to find his buddies. I really played it up - "Is Reese in the drawer? Noooooooo. How about the hamper?" And this went on until we found all four. He loved it! "Mommy hide again" was his response. We did it again and again until I was time for Raising Hope to come at 8:00. (I love the show. It came home within weeks of having Dante so it really speaks to me. LOL). Dante even hid the animals for me to find for a little spin on the game! All in all I'd say it was a successful, go to game that I can rely on when I need some quick entertainment.

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