Friday, January 11, 2013

South Jersey Attraction Review - Historic Smithville & Village Greene

Attraction Description: Historic Smithville & Village Greene is a quaint village offering shops, restaurants and lodging. They are open all year round except for Christmas Day and are host to many crowd drawing events.

Hours as of 1/11/13: (*Please note that this can change at any time. Please verify before going)
Open Year Round from:
Winter Shoppe Hours
Jan. 2 - April 6

Sunday thru Friday - 11am to 5pm
Saturday - 10am to 6pm

Spring Shoppe Hours
April 7 – June 23

Monday thru Friday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 10am to 7pm
Sunday - 11am to 6pm

Easter, Memorial Day
closes at 5pm

Location:  1 North New York Rd, Smithville, NJ 08205

  • Offer quaint shops with a variety of goods including clothing, accessories, household decor, antiques, and Christmas decorations. 
  • Offers several places to eat which vary in price and menu. There is a pizza place, an ice cream palor, a tavern, and a upscale restaurant, a bakery, a winery, and a candy shop. 
  • They have a beautiful lake in between the two sections of shops (the original section and the newer section just across the bridge). It really adds to the ambiance. 
  • They have entertainment for the kids who can ride the Village train or the Merry Go-Round (adult were not charged), play at the outdoor arcade or take a paddle boat ride around the lake.
  • They have accommodations if you coming from afar at the Colonial Inn or the Barn at Smithville. They are right on the premises. Truth be told - I haven't stayed there. Maybe that will be another review.
  • Events take place all year long from craft shows to car shows (my favorite is the Corvette show hosted by my Corvette Club!) 
  • The attraction is always clean and well cared for. It has a really nice atmosphere.

  • You have to walk outside to get to each shop which is really enjoyable in the spring, summer, and fall. However, unless you really bundle up it's a bit rough in the winter.
  • Some of the events are so popular (think OKTOBERFEST) that the traffic leading to the Village can be really bad and can cost you quite a bit of time. Then it's hard to find parking after you get through the traffic. I've heard many people end up parking at a local shopping center and taking over a shuttle that is offered. This is a nice offering, but it isn't exactly the best option for mother's with strollers or people with handicaps.
  • Some of the shops are a little high end, not exactly accommodating if you are on a budget. 
  • The Village isn't super close to other things. I recommend tying it in with a visit to shore of Atlantic City or Ocean City. 

Tip:  You can purchase 10 wooden nickels online for the train or the Carousel for just $15.00...that is a $5.00 savings. Purchase your nickels here.
For more information, visit Smithville Village and Greene. Oh and check out their coupons.  As of 1/11/13 they are offering 50% off your second stay at either of their accommodations.

*I was not compensated monetarily nor did I receive anything free for this review. 


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  2. You're welcome. It's my pleasure. I enjoyed visiting Smithville and I enjoyed doing the post. I hope that you will enjoy it bases on the things that I've pointed out. Take care!


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