Friday, January 11, 2013

South Jersey Event Review - Just Mom & Me @ The Moorestown Mall

Event Description: Most malls nowadays have some sort of Mom and Me program and The Moorestown Mall in Moorestown is no exception. My little Dante and I visited the event yesterday and had a great time. The theme for this month was the program's 7th birthday but it's different every month.

Duration of the event: Once a month (reoccuring)

When: The second Thursday of the month

Time: 11 am

Location: Macy's Court, Moorestown Mall, Moorestown, NJ

  • The kids love to spend time together. "Going to see the kids," was Dante's song.
  • The mothers love to spend time together.
  • An educational, interactive program is provided by the Garden State Discovery Museum which I see as a fun, educational place that I approve of to make an influence on my child.
  • Two easy but fun crafts are provided.
  • The program length is only 1 hour which is just enough (40 minutes of presentation, 20 minutes of crafts).
  • The kids are almost always given some type of giveaway. Yesterday we received a foam Gingerbread Man to put together and a packet of stickers.
  • Snacks are provided. Yesterday they gave out mini-cupcakes to celebrate their birthday (Dante indulged in two! Whoops!)
  • If you sign up for the program you are given a tag for your keyring (like at the supermarket) which entitles you to ever changing discounts at the mall and food court. 
  • The program is free. 
  • It's a great way for kids to interact without picking up a lot of germs since the kids aren't touching too much (Said by someone who was sick for almost 6 weeks. Sorry I have to address it after that!)
  • The crowd is a bit large making it hard to get a place at the craft table and hard to hear during the presentation particularly if you are all the way in the back.

For details, visit Moorestown Mall and look for 'Just Mom & Me Playdate.' 

I can't help but mention it since this is a couponing blog that the Moorestown Mall has a few sales and promotions listed. These change regularly and are effective as of 1/11/13.

*I was not compensated monetarily nor did I receive anything free for this review.

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