Sunday, January 20, 2013

South Jersey Review - The Deptford Mall Kids Club

The Deptford Mall Kids Club is a new monthly event powered by National Geographic Kids with the purpose of bringing moms and preschool kids together in a fun and interactive environment. I had the opportunity to take Dante to their first event on Thursday, 1/17/13, which was themed "Polar Party." It was very similar to the Just Mom and Me event that takes place at the Moorestown Mall.

Duration: Once a month (recurring).

When: The 3rd Thursday of every month.

Time: 10 am

Location: Macy's Court at the Deptford Mall.

  • This is a free event at a local venue.
  • A fun, interactive program is provided by National Geographic Kids and presented by mall staff.
  • The kids had a chance to interact with each other and participate in the presentation.
  • Crafts were provided. 
  • There was jovial music, singing, and a cute little parade.
  • Coloring sheets were provided at the beginning of the event to keep kids busy until the program started.
  • Giveaways were provided (this time they were a coloring book and a Polar bear figurine.)
  • A snack was provided (this time each kid was given a Cinnabon and lemonade although it isn't clear if snacks will always be that tasty every month!)
  • Macy's, who sponsors the program, was on hand to provide mini-makeovers to moms and provide info on their current sales.
  • Deptford Mall marketing staff was on hand, and was very visible and involved in running the event. All were friendly and outgoing.
  • The mall has a train ride for the kids that runs throughout the year. An offer was made for adults to ride free that day. You only had to pay for kids.

  • The beginning presentation was a little long for preschool age.
  • The presentation could have been a little more animated and a little less read from the book.
  • Craft time was a little bit too short. 
  • When I went to take my child on the train the employee didn't know anything about the special offer and charged me for the both of us. I told a Deptford Mall employee who indicated it was simply a lack of communication (it usually is!) and that it would be corrected for next time.

Please note: In my opinion all of the minuses that I have listed will subside overtime. I believe that they were just a few of the glitches that happen when a program is brand new. The program overall was worth attending. 

For more information, visit Kids Club and take note of the various interactive games they have on their site.

*I was not compensated monetarily nor did I receive anything free for this review. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I didnt know about this program. It sounds like fun and I will definitely try and make February's program.