Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Merry Bells Are Still Ringing...

Nick and I where the lucky recipients of a relentless cold that went on from before Thanksgiving until the day before Christmas. We think Nick is still has a touch of it. To my disappointment, we missed out on a lot of Christmas activities and started most of our Christmas rituals far later than normal. As a result the merry bells are still ringing in our household even though most people discarded Christmas with their ripped up wrapping paper.

Yep. The Christmas tree is still up. The Christmas music is still playing. I am still talking about Christmas! And I may do so for a few more days.'s a little peak into our holiday. Pardon me for still being on the topic!


 Dante, Snoopy, and Santa. What else do you need?

 Take my "piiiic-ure" said as he posed by the mice.

 With Santa.

 Uuuuummmmmm....where's Dante?!



 Us again.

The nice train table daddy made.

I guarantee that the Christmas tree will come down sooner or later but only because it's our first real tree and the needles are falling faster than snowflakes in a blizzard. I've been known to leave our 9 ft. fake tree up until the week before Superbowl! Nope! I am not kidding. Maybe I'll make it my goal to put the Christmas music away by then.

Ok everyone, fess up. How many of you are with me and still have a holly jolly household  I even though it's past the New Year? I know you are out there! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

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