Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Exhibit at the Garden State Discovery Museum®: Review and Giveaway

There use to be 101 reasons to take your kid to the Garden State Discovery Museum®. Now that they've open their California Pizza Kitchen® exhibit there are 102 reasons!

I had the opportunity to review the exhibit before it was open and I have to say I am ready to go to California Pizza Kitchen!® Not only did I check it out I got to sample some of their tasty food that was served during the launch of the exhibit. I am sold!

This mini version of the California Pizza Kitchen® in Cherry Hill has been built to look exactly like the real restaurant. Parents can learn more about the restaurant through the exhibit (there are menus to help you plan your lunch - you will be going after your leave the Museum right?)

For the kids it's a chance to role play and learn at the same time while engaging in hands-on activities.

Sssshhh....don't tell them. They'll be having so much fun making felt pizzas they'll never know they are learning about fractions and other forms of math.

And with signs all over the exhibit explaining different positions in a restaurant they just may even fall in love with the restaurant industry as a career choice.

The rest of the Museum doesn't disappoint either. There are over 20 life sized activities ranging from sports related activities to dinosaur themes, theater, science exhibits and even outdoor exhibits during nicer weather. Plus there are tons of special events throughout the year to spice things up a bit! 

Ways to Save at the Museum!
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  • Plus, enter your email address to receive coupons throughout the year! Current coupons being offered include $5 after 5:00 special, $5 off memberships or store purchases of $10 or more and get a $20 gift card for $15. (again, you must submit your email to access these coupons and others throughout the year.) 
  • Take your child to the Museum on their actual birthday and they will get free admission! Bring their birth certificate with you. 
  • Become a Member. You'll not only save money at the Museum overtime but you'll get numerous community and local retail discounts as well. Check here for benefits of being a Museum member. 
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  1. great review, can't wait to go see it in person!

  2. Yes Tracy! It's awesome. Between that and the rest of the exhibits and events it's a cool place to spend the day!

  3. Love Love Love visiting the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ!