Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Love Is Not Dead!

With Valentine's Day, a day of love, upon us, I thought I'd share a a funny little story about my husband, Nick and I. Although this was from our anniversary as opposed to Valentine's Day it's about love and that' what Valentine's Day is about right?!

Anyway, Nick and I got married on September 28, 2002. For our 1 year anniversary we planned a trip to Grand Cayman islands but he also wanted to get something for me. I was eager to find something meaningful that would last so it seemed appropriate that he get me something that I could plant in our yard. We were going to a local nursery anyway so I thought maybe a rose bush would be perfect! 

Nick agreed and I told me to pick out whatever I wanted. There was dozens and dozens of various types with all different names. One was even called Marilyn Monroe! I searched and searched until I strolled upon a bush that had two tone petals, a redish pink and white. They reminded me of the Fire and Ice roses that made up my bridesmaids bouquets in our wedding. I loved it! I knew this was the one. Would you believe what it was called? "Love!" I was so proud of my pick and I ran over to Nick to share that I would be getting a rose bush called "Love" for our anniversary and ya know what he said?!

"Oh great! So when you kill it I can tell everyone our "Love" is dead! I was a little upset at his lack of confidence to keep the rose bush alive but I couldn't help but laugh! I am proud to say that although it is winter and obviously the bush isn't blooming right now, after 10 years, it IS still alive! Our "love" is too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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