Saturday, July 13, 2013

Free Summer Bowling for Kids

With all the rain we've had on the east coast lately I knew I had to come up with some indoor activities for my little guy. I've been hearing repeatedly about free bowling for kids and decided we should give it a try. My son, D, is almost three now so I figured he could handle it. We called up some friends and went for a few hours to Brunswick Zone. D just loved it and so did the other kids!

What to know before you go:

They only have size 9 for the kids which is two sizes up for D but it wasn't too big of a problem. We waited until we got to our lane to put the shoes on and since they have Velcro we could tighten them up real tight. No problem.

They have 6 pound bowling balls but they were not where the other balls are near the lanes. They were besides the cash register. They are bright neon green.

You can get one game for free everyday during the summer months. I had hard copy passes but you can sign up online at:  Brunswick Zone. You'll need to fill out their online form and they will email you the next month's passes and the end of every month. 

You'll need to pay for shoe rental which was almost $4.

If you have a fabulous time you can pay for an extra game which is $1.99 per child. It's really not much when you think about it!

If you have a toddler like I do you can ask for a ramp to assist with their bowling. The ball gets placed on top of the ramp and all they have to do is push it down (which they do enthusiastically I might add!)

When you get to your lane and enter everyone's names into the computer you have the option of having the bumpers come up. That's a must for toddler's!

When they say don't cross over the line and head down the lane they are not kidding! It is super slippery so keep an extra close eye on the kids. 

Keep in mind that toddlers don't really know the rules of the game so be on your toes to make sure they are bowling in the correct lane! A few times our little ones strayed over onto the lane next to us and through the ball down the lane. Whoops!

They have food at the snack bar but I'd recommend going in between meals and maybe just bringing a snack in the diaper bag. You won't be there that long - it took two kids about an hour-and-a-half to bowl two games.

One thing to keep in mind - the kids really love this! It's really worth checking out. And they didn't do too bad. Each kid one game each and they had scores in the 70's and 80's! You go guys!

For Brunswick Zone locations that participate in the Summer Free Bowling program, visit Brunswick Zone locations

Be sure to check out Jersey Family Fun's website for more details on free bowling in there. Apparently, they've found a program where kids can bowl two free games! I am going to check that out  myself!

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