Sunday, July 7, 2013

National Corvette Museum Ticket Giveaway

Disclosure: The National Corvette Museum provided me with four tickets for my giveaway. All thoughts, stories and opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. 
I can think off the top of my head of two things my husband has given me as presents that some women would not have been thrilled about: a scale (yep, I asked for it!) and a nostalgic brick and a membership for the National Corvette Museum. For some, handbags for the holidays are a must!

In a prior life my husband and I would run our 'Vette all over the place. We attended Corvette show events just about every weekend and were very active in our Corvette Club. I even did an immersion piece as my thesis for my graduate degree entitled "Corvette Girl!"

We now have a toddler and while we still have "Baby" we don't get out in her as often. Our love for "her" will always remain and so will the brick that my hubby bought at the National Corvette Museum.

Here's an excerpt from that very labored over thesis, "Corvette Girl:"

Nick came home from work and placed an ivy heart shaped topiary plant on the table and a white folder secured together by a red satin bow with writing on it. It was Valentine’s Day and my sweetie remembered as always. All through dinner I struggled to see what it said but I couldn’t read it. After dinner he presented the gift to me and I saw it said “National Corvette Museum and that’s when I realized this wasn’t an ordinary gift. It was something geared toward the hobby we shared together.
Carefully untying the bow and opening the folder, I took out the material inside: A membership card to the National Corvette Museum, two Museum pins, a membership certificate, and a letter thanking me for my support. The membership that Nick had bought me was not a only a gift for me. The money would go towards upgrading exhibits and creating educational materials on the Corvette. I’d be featured in the Museum’s magazine, I’d be able to get in for free on our next visit this coming April, and I could brag to my girlfriends at work the next day about how creative and thoughtful my husband is. I was impressed that he came up with something so unique rather than just picking up the first thing he saw at the mall. 

This wouldn’t be the first occasion that he gave me something Corvette related. For Christmas 2005, he bought me a brick on the walkway at the National Corvette Museum. I had to wait until May when we were scheduled to take a mini-vacation to Kentucky to visit the Museum. Once we got there, finding it was part of the fun. Out of thousands of bricks placed throughout the property, our brick is right by the front door. It has the 5th generation logo on it (each generation has a different design) and reads “Nick and Denise. Our Corvette." This was Nick's way of acknowledging to the world that we own the car together. 

I tend to get a little testy when people say "Nick's car, Nick's car!" Hey! Chicks can own and enjoy a sports car too right?

A trip to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, is in order if you love Corvettes. It's even cool if you don't have one. Heck you can always buy one and take delivery on it right at the Museum and have your family watch the event on a webcam. Already have a 'Vette? You can display it at the Museum, an honor for those in the 'Vette world.

If this is all over the top for you a simple visit will be just as fun. You'll get to see the history of those involved in it's creation and a little background on the car itself. Did you know the original logo had to be replaced just hours before the car's initial unveiling at the public Motorama show in 1953? 

Apparently it had an American flag on it which was determined by legal staff to violate the 'Act to Prevent and Punish the Desecration of the Flag of the United States,'  originating in 1903. This act makes it a misdemeanor to sell anything with a representation of the flag of the United States on it. The Chevrolet 'fleur de lis" was put in the flag's place and remains today.

I recommend going during a special event which just adds to the excitement. Check out the Museum's 2013 Event list

And don't forget to schedule a tour of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where they make the Corvette. This is across the street from the Museum. Keep in mind they are some times closed for production reasons so be sure to call or check the Bowling Green Assembly Plant website first.

Connect with them on Facebook at National Corvette Museum.  

Want the chance to go? Enter to win free entry to the Museum. Thanks to the folks at the National Corvette Museum for providing the tickets. Enter below.

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