Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

Ultimate Blog Party 2014  

 I love to connect with people in-person and online so when I saw 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party 2014 I decided I had to participate! Blogger friends are the best. Not only do you get to learn valuable info like tasty recipes, the latest fashions, or helpful tidbits on how to survive toddlerhood, you get to connect, be friends and support each others blogs. Bloggers are among the most supportive people I know! 

If this is your first time visiting Mom 4 a Difference it's nice to "meet" you! Let me tell you a little about myself and my blog. 

About Mom 4 a Difference
A few years ago after I had my sweet son, Dante, I was listening to K-LOVE the Christian radio station. The DJ was telling a story of a little girl that had been found on the bathroom floor at school eating latex balloons. When asked what she was doing she said she was starving because her parents didn't have money for food. I can't imagine how hungry she must have been to resort to eating balloons. My heart broke at the thought of it. I always had a heart for those less fortunate than I when it comes to food. At that point I knew I had to do something. 

My site was born with the intention of earning money where I can (through sponsored posts, affiliate links, other writing gigs, etc.) a portion of which is donated to charity. I also make food donations when I can.

On the site you'll find reviews (I love to go places and talk about it so you'll be seeing more of that!) plus I do giveaways and have taken a liking lately to posting recipes. I plan on adding more toddler related stuff too. 

About Me

I have way more interests than I have time for! I've explored jewelry making, stained glass making, crocheting, cooking and more. Every chance I get I read! I don't care if it's a book, a magazine, or something interesting on my iPad. I just love to learn new things and reading, for me, is like being in a classroom. 


Speaking of classrooms I work at a university in New Jersey (I work in academia where everything is about learning. See a trend? Learning seems to be my thing!) The technology department is the perfect to be since technology is always changing giving me something new to learn. 

I am grateful that I only work part-time so I get to spend the rest of the week with my precious Dante. He is the love of my life. Talk about learning! I learn new things from him every hour. We enjoy exploring new places together and with daddy on the weekends. 

I'd love to connect with you! 

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  1. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog :-) It's lovely to 'meet' you via #UBP14. What a fabulous reason to start a blog - child hunger is such an important issue. I've followed you on Twitter and Pinterest and look forward to reading more of your lovely blog.

  2. I've heard similar stories to the latex balloon one. So sad. :( But, what an awesome reason to blog! I admire that. I look forward to reading more after the UBP14.

  3. Hello Denise! – So nice to meet you at UBP14. We look forward to following your blog. Follow us on Pinterest for Recipes, Food & romance!