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Vinylux Nail Polish Review and How to Give Yourself a Salon-Like Manicure

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Remember back in Elementary school when we made cute ceramics in art class? Most kids made kid things, ya know, like animals or their favorite action figure. Not me though. You know what I made? My hand with really long nails painted in my favorite color, red. I am pretty sure it had a sparkly ring on it! 

I'd show you a picture but I am pretty sure my mom threw it away. That's what she does. In her defense I guess I could have broken it. Either way it has to live in my memory since it's no longer around.

As I blossomed into a woman I was always into my nails although I never got fake nails. They always had to be my own and I always had to polish them myself. Till this day I still like to do them myself and the only reason I'll go to get a manicure is because I enjoy the pampering and the socializing with the nail girl and the girlfriend that usually comes with me. 

But since I can do it pretty well myself I've bought a kaleidoscope of colors in various brands over the years. I've bought the cheap stuff and the pricier, salon-worthy polish and nothing has been any better than my new favorite: CND Vinylux. 

My girlfriend turned me onto it and I've been loving it! I have four shades: CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish .5 fl oz, Clay Canyon,Dessert Poppy, CND Vinylux Hot Chilis #120 Nail Polish Lacquer 0.5floz,and 145 CND - VINYLUX SCARLET LETTER Weekly Polish Nail Purple Red Mix Color 0.5oz

My favorite is Clay Canyon. It's a nice neutral color that I think is perfect in the winter with the ever popular gold/tans and the Burgundy and Merlots that are out this past season. It's great for spring and summer though, too, because it's a light color that goes with just about anything. 

The thing I love about this polish the most is that it's not only pretty, but it lasts longer than any other polish I've ever tried. It's known as the "Weekly Polish" and although I don't find that it last quite a week, it's pretty close. I'd say I can leave it on for about four to five days and at that point the only real issue I've ever had is that it starts to fade at the tip of my nails so I simply add another coat and it will last another two or three days at least.   

It NEVER chips.And this is a big deal to me because I must have something wrong with one of my index finger nails. Inevitably, the side of the nail ALWAYS chips within minutes of my polishing my nails. I think I must have an oil spot or something preventing the polish from sticking. I just can't keep polish on it, but Vinylux stays on with no problem!

So far of the four polishes that I've purchased, I bought three creme shades and one of a more opaque red color. I liked the cremes but not the opaque so much. I don't feel like it covers as well. It sorta left areas of my nail lighter in one area and dark in others. 

Otherwise, I love the polish. They have a lot of shades to choose from and it goes on really nice. I am guessing they use a better quality brush than some other brands because it goes on smooth and doesn't bend up. Plus it doesn't bubble up.

So are you ready to start giving yourself a salon-like manicure at home? 

1. File your nails.
2. Pick off any hang nails around your nails. Try this cute travel set adorned with the Eiffel Tower. OJIA 12pcs Flower Series Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set ,Travel & Grooming Set, Personal Care Tools, Nail Scissors Nail Clippers Kit with Leather Case
3. Moisturize your cuticles to keep them soft with Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
4. Clean your nails with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol (helps the get rid of the pesky oils I mentioned earlier).
5. Polish your nails with two coats of your favorite Vinylux nail polish. My favorite is CND Vinylux - Open Road Collection - Clay Canyon #164
6. Polish your nails with Vinylux Weekly Top Coat or your favorite top top coat.
7. Spray your nails with nail drying spray to help them dry quicker and prevent smudges. I've been using this one because I love the coconut sent! Onyx Professional Spray On Nail Dry w/ Island Coconut Scent 8.5 Oz - Nail Dryer Quickly Dries Nail Polish While Preventing Smearing & Conditions Cuticles & Nails

1. Since this polish will last most of the week you don't want to put it on for two days than change to match your outfit (if you a match gal like me!) Instead, plan your wardrobe around the color of the polish. For example, if you polish your nails red, wear outfits like black jeans with a red shirt, your favorite gray yoga pants with a black and white top, or a cute gray dress with gray or black boots - all of which match with red. It will look like you are always tending to your nails - no one has to know! 

2.Vinylux makes a great present! Look at these great colors for spring! CND Vinylux OPEN ROAD 6pc Weekly Nail Polish Collection .5 oz or these darker shades are pretty too! 2014 CND Creative Vinylux MODERN FOLKLORE Weekly Nail Polish .5 oz

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