Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Move Update

Well hi! It feels like an eternity since I have sat down and chatted with you all on this blog. Heck it seems like an eternity since I actually sat down period!

Since I last posted, my house sold and we've move to a nice rental house in a really nice Southern New Jersey town in Gloucester County. I so miss my old house. It was custom built and had so many nice features like larger-than-life skylights, recessed lighting and French glass doors that made me feel like I was outside even when I was in. I miss the property too. I used to love to walk around our woods and enjoying the massiveness of the 100+ year old trees and the movement of all the critters like snuggly bunny rabbits and our numerous pairs of cardinals (my favorite bird because they are red - my favorite color!)

For those of you that are part of my daily life, I am sorry for all the whining. It's just that we loved that house but had to go. It was no longer a good area and the schools were bad. So forgive me.

But enough about the past. I'd love to highlight that God has been good and has relocated us to a beautiful rental house in a gorgeous historic town. I know we are meant to be here because not only was this the only house that worked out out of dozens and dozens of house we looked into, but my son D landed in an amazing school with a teacher that we know from church. We didn't even request her! God just made it happen!

The house is gorgeous with well kept hardwood floors running throughout the first floor, a cozy covered patio in the backyard and lots of doors and windows that give me that outdoorsy feeling I so loved back at my old homestead.

See? Isn't it pretty?

We have another 9 months on our lease and then it will be time to move on again. This house isn't for sale and doesn't quite meet our needs long-term so we will definitely move. Where will we go you ask? Great question! If we stay in Jersey we surely will stay in Gloucester County in this area. It's so homey here and Country-like. I love how clean it is, how well kept things are and how nice everyone seems to be.

There is still the possibility of moving out-of-state to Nashville though. Little things keep coming up to lead us to believe that may be our future. Ya know how they say God has a sense of humor? Well one day as I was looking on realtor.com for this rental house I came across a house on Tennessee Trail. The very next page had a house on Spring Hill Drive which is the very town we are considering in Spring Hill. Just for giggles on page 3 God threw in a house on Bowling Green Lane which is the town in Kentucky where Corvettes are made. We've travelled there numerous times for events in our Corvette. Yep. This was all in 5 minutes. I dunno. Can't be a coincidence if you ask me!

In the meantime, I am embracing the improved life I've been given. I quite my job over 13 weeks ago from Rowan University to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. I won't lie. It's different and I am trying to find my way but at least I get to look at these smiling faces.

I mean seriously. Aren't they cute?

I am enjoying wearing flip flops all day (yep! even in cold weather!) while managing my 6 year old's busy Kindergarten academic and social life! Who knew there was so much homework in Kindergarten? A math book? Really? Good thing he likes it. I discovered that is the one thing we really wants to learn is Math! Yeah! That is a great thing to know! Not taking after his mamma in the respect. Bring on writing!

Working on this blog and looking into writing gigs are on my list of things to do. Now I might have a chance to do this. And hopefully we can help some people along the way with this blog. On my next post I'll be sharing one small thing we're doing to make a difference.

So have you ever been in my situation? Not sure where you are moving to next? How did you handle it? Any tips for moving? How about thoughts on moving out of state? I'd love to connect with you!

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