Welcome to the newly designed Mom 4 a Difference! I am Denise and I am glad you are here! This site was launched as Couponing 4 a Difference back in 2011 but I've since hung up my "couponing" hat to focus more on lifestyle issues.

After studying other coupon blogs I realized that a good coupon blog needs to be far more than I have time for. Whew! Those coupon bloggers really work! Some have up to 20 posts a day! For starters, I am just not that good. Add to the fact that I have a day gig that tends to get in my way of blogging goals (fortunately it's a good job at a university that I really like!) and the fact that I have a super ambitious toddler I just simply do not have the time you need to invest to be a really good coupon blogger. 

There are so many good coupon blogs out there already anyway! Here are some of my favorites:

About the new Mom 4 a Difference
So what does the future hold for this blog? I really enjoy writing attraction and event reviews so that will still be part of the mix! I'll also offer info on family matters, toddlers, recipes, and keeping safe which an important issue to me. Every once in a while I'll feature something from an old blog, Blessings from Above, which focused on celebrating the little blessings God sends our way everyday. I'll share my blessings and feature others stories as well. 

And there's no escaping it - I'll still share coupons, deals and freebies as I see fit. I love giveaways so we'll do them from time-to-time too!

One thing that won't change is the "4 a Difference" component. I still want to help people as I able so I am committed to donating a percentage of the earnings of this blog to the Food Bank of South Jersey and other charities as I see fit

I've made my first donation of $25 a few months ago and I sincerely hope that I can continue to make donations from time-to-time. Affiliate links, advertising, sponsored posts, and printing coupons from the homepage on the right side bar (hint, hint!) will help with this.

About Denise

When I am not blogging I work part-time at a local university . One of my greatest joys in life is spending time with my two loves, my gorgeous son, "D" and my hubby "N". 

My second greatest passion? Traveling! I love, love, love it! My husband and I were married for eight years before we had our son and during that time with explored 11 countries in Europe. (Italy, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland). "N" proposed to me in Madrid, Spain on an old fashion rowboat at Retiro Park. It was amazingly romantic! I'll write a post on that soon and include some pictures.

Although we do not travel as far and as wide as we use to know that we have a toddler I will share the trips we do take.  We're not staying home we're just not going oversees for now!

As a writer, I love to write (obviously or I wouldn't be running a blog!) and I am obsessed with reading. I could do it all day and night. There is nothing better to me than to curl up in front of a fire to read a book. Even when we have the TV on at night I am only half paying attention. I am either reading something online or have my nose buried in some type of book or magazine. I am a self-proclaimed eternal student and I feel like reading provides me with info to learn new things.

And finally, I am an active member at my church and love God! I believe that he has truly blessed me and my family!

Feel free to leave me comments, share post ideas and or just chat with me! Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Looking forward to "chatting with you!"