Helping Others

I was deeply sadden when I heard on the radio that a girl was found on the bathroom floor at her school eating balloons. When asked why she was eating them she said she was hungry and that her parents could not afford food. This economy has made it rough on everyone so I decided I had to help others in some way. That's why Mom 4 a Difference was born.

While making friends through this blog and sharing helpful information, I help those less fortunate in several ways:
  • Food Donations - I will use coupons and obtain freebies to make food donations to my church's food bank in South Jersey.
  • Monetary Donations - I will donate a portion of the proceeds earned through this blog from advertising, paid surveys, product reviews, etc., to the Food Bank of South Jersey and other organizations as I see fit.
  • Community Service Projects - For example, I'll clip coupons and send them to Coupons for the Community so they can provide more food to local food banks. They'll be other things as the site grows as well.