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I've always been one who is on the go. I love to go, go, go! And I don't mind driving a distance to see something new and different. Hey, I've traveled across the Atlantic to Europe many times (and loved it!) so it's no surprise that I would travel a bit to take my precious Dante to events or attractions in South Jersey. 

Since I am always out and about I thought maybe I should start writing about it so you can decide if you'd like to go too. Some events will be near and some will be far. Most will be in South Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware. And if I can find a coupon to provide you with a discount I'll be sure to post it! And don't forget to check out my Attraction Review page!

As a reader, if you're curious about any events that I haven''t reviewed, drop me an email and I'll consider going.  If you are a venue or business hosting event that you would like reviewed,  please do the same. I can be reached at: couponing4adifference (at) yahoo (dot) com


Just Mom & Me @ The Moorestown Mall, Moorestown, NJ
Kids Club @ The Deptford Mall
, Deptford, NJ
Social Media Mom Mixer 2012 Holiday Event Review
, Philadelphia, PA

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